Critical Mass 2

Critical Mass 2


The return of an underground legend

25 years after the release of Los Angeles:Critical Mass comes this follow up collection to chronicle the evolution of the scene it inspired. Some of the original artists, and a few new ones, share the sound stage—connected by their unique song crafting and natural ability for self-production.

Inspired by a YouTube post which revealed a new audience and appreciation for the original release, Volume 2 is dedicated to that next generation of experimental electronic music lovers. It has been meticulously crafted as a Compact Disc and designed in much the same way as the 1998 release as an homage to that special period in time. A few of the artists are still in the LA area, some have moved away. But, as reflected in this set, we all continue to share that uneasy beauty of balancing on the edge of critical mass.

Special thanks – Jim Goetsch, Victor, Mia Jacks, Kerri McDermott, David Crosslin, Stephen Pond, Terry D, and all the artists

Compiled and produced by Kevin Crosslin
Executive Producer - Jim Goetsch
Audio mastering & art direction - Kevin Crosslin

Official release date: December 1, 2023

Hear the original Critical Mass release on YouTube

Downloads and CDs available now at Bandcamp