Caporaso Ensemble



new electronic jazz from Los Angeles

Encounter is a completely improvised electronic jazz composition created by some of the leading figures in the Los Angeles leftfield jazz scene. All players are engaged in the pursuit of jazz of the present day in which all techniques acoustic and electronic are considered to be available to them as they dial into each other’s playing to create a composition in real time.

The players

Andre Caporaso is a guitarist, composer, and improviser dedicated to exploring new and personal music in a variety of formats. He began his music career in Chicago's Jazz / New Music scene, now lives in Southern California where he continues to perform and record. For this recording, Andre uses a classical guitar, a fretless guitar, and a Fender Stratocaster as well as Boss and Red Panda effects.

Jim Goetsch, soprano sax, keyboards and electronics, began by studying with composer George Russell, even playing a concert with him in Jim’s hometown of St Louis. Next came stints with Senegalese griot Mor Thiam and blues legend Albert King. This was followed by a move into electronic music with Biomechanique and Demolition Squad, which received a 9 out of 10 rating from Alternative Press for its release “Hit It”. Jim then began mixing jazz with electronics with Baker’s Brew, whose “New Works” release was hailed by Italian writer Enrico Merlin as “Album Of The Future”. Jim is now active in Santa Fe in both its experimental and jazz scenes.

David Strother is an electric violinist and composer based in Southern California. His extensive body of work features a number of unique, exploratory solo collections including the recent EPs “Ghost Voices,” “El Tecolote Sings Songs to the Night” and “Transmitter.” He is also a member of the DBC:Unit trio (with Breeze Smith and Carl Royce) and Space Yard, a duo project with lap steel virtuoso Scot Ray. David also composed and performed the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed Corey Deshon-directed independent film “Daughter,” which screened at Cannes in 2022. His composition “Almaraz” was part of the soundtrack for the documentary “Carlos Almaraz: Playing With Fire,” released globally in 2019.

Tony Green is a trained bass player and composer with multiple recordings and credits. A man of very eclectic taste who loves connecting with emotions through music, he feels that the combination of film and music is the most powerful form of this. Tony is well known for his Ear Gallery studio, where this record was recorded.

Breeze Smith, drums/percussion/sound imagery, has performed and improvised in various ensembles and in solo projects. He is also a visual artist with commissioned works of sculpture, paintings and drawings. He performs with L.A. legend, Dwight Trible, and his Cosmic Vibrations, and has recorded and co-produced with the collective.

Recorded at Ear Gallery Studio
Los Angeles, CA /  April 2023
Recording Engineer: Tony Green
Produced and mixed by Andre Caporaso & Jim Goetsch
Cover and inside artwork / Breeze Smith
Graphic design & layout / Miraz

Release date: April 26, 2024

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