01 amaranth

02 olivine

03 malachite

04 umber

05 cerise

06 heliotrope

07 aubergine

08 obsidian

09 cobalt

10 ultramarine

11 viridian

an electro-acoustic ensemble performing spontanteous compositions

Baker's Brew is a unique music project that is based on total improvisation. The group creates spontaneous compositions that come from intuition as well as their knowledge of composition, with a keen awareness of what the other players are doing as the key factor. The group considers all material from their broad musical experiences to be available to them, as well as all sounds whether acoustic or electronic in origin.


baker's brew is

Maury Baker - drums & percussion

Daniel Coffeng - guitar

Carl Royce - double bass & electronics

Jim Goetsch - soprano sax & electronics


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all compositions created by baker's brew



Art direction & cover photo - Kevin Crosslin

Back cover photo of Maury Baker / 2017 Melinda Magic /

Maury plays Sleishman Drums/twin pedal and Sonall Percussion Cushpads through Mothertone / Nashville

Daniel Coffeng plays Ibanez guitars, Fender amps, Dunlop picks, D'Addario strings, Monster cable

Carl Royce plays Belcanto strings by Thomastik-Infeld









baker's brew
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