psychosomatic releases available on iTunes

Most releases by Psychosomatic are available on the iTunes site, either as tracks or full downloads. CDs of all releases are available at CD Baby , the artist friendly music store.





live recording from subversive element + the stratos ensemble

A totally improvised live recording entitled "3 2 14" is now available from Subversive Element + The Stratos Ensemble...more details here and at The Stratos Ensemble website.

solo electronic project from subversive element

The latest release from Subversive Element entitled "Night Music" is now available on iTunes and CD Baby, details are here.

demolition squad "hit it" has been re-released

Psychosomatic has re-released Hit It from Demolition Squad, which received a rating of 9 out of 10 from Alternative Press when it was first released in 2001. The record is available here as a digital download on CD Baby as well as iTunes.


psychosomatic records on facebook

Stay in touch with news of live performances and new releases here.

first release from baker's brew

The latest release from Psychosomatic is "New Colors" from Baker's Brew, a new electro-acoustic ensemble performing spontanteous compositions. Available now as a download from Bandcamp , more info here.

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