number 362

week 10

MR. SOON - PLACES IN ARIZONA (CD by Psyrecords) Having visited the state of Arizona a few times I was curious to experience this tour of sonic travelling under the guidance of Mr. Soon. Behind the name Mr. Soon, which I have never had the opportunity to meet before is the sound artist called Joe Jakobs. No doubt does he have warm relations to the landscapes of Arizona, since each moment on this 80 minutes long trip has been created with such a passion that it should be able to attract every visitor or non-visitor of Arizona. Each track refers to one certain geographic place. The overall style on the album is ambient but as it develops the music varies nicely. At the beginning of the album rhythmic textures dominate with some dreamlike floating tunes giving a nice chilling atmosphere, not far away from earliest Boards Of Canada, but the further we penetrate the "Places of Arizona", the rhythms disappear or at least turns subtle, giving way to some beautiful tracks of pure ambientscapes. As we approach the end of the album the rhythms return and we stylishly end up with excellent tribal ambient pieces reminding us that Arizona used to be the home of the native Indians. Go to Arizona, get a car and let the album become the soundtrack for cruising the natural landscapes. Alternatively just take a lean back at home and enjoy this excellent album of ambient beauty. (Niels Mark Pedersen)

Mr Soon

Places In Arizona