New directions in atmospherics

The first impulse on hearing the soundscapes that make up Wetlands is to label them as "experimental", but that term really only applies to the beginning of the process that made this recording.

Although each track began with experiments in found sounds, Cavestar engaged in an intense but very rapid refinement process that evolved the pieces into truly finished works. So, unlike much of what is being called "experimental" these days, Wetlands is not of a "use once and discard" nature; these tracks invite repeated visits as they will reveal new features with every listening.

The pieces each have their own sonic character, ranging from a very sparse ambience to dense sound collages that incorporate field recordings made everywhere from busy city street corners to actual wetlands.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of this work is the degree to which they can stimulate visual imagery within the listener. Wetlands is really a collection of audio landscapes, which may well have arisen from the artist's long experience in the world of visual arts.

In fact, Crosslin photographed the cover and art directed the product packaging to make this release a complete work of the man's vision. 

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