Wilderness Gate Sessions 1

Volume 1


New directions in experimental ambient

The Wilderness Gate Sessions are the product of three Santa Fe based musicians using laptops to create work that is both experimental yet very intuitive, intended to have a visceral impact upon the listener.

David Forlano is a multi-disciplinary performance artist and visual artist. His performance and sound work began in Philadelphia, notably teaming with percussionist Toshi Makihara on many performances supporting dance and theater as well as their own collaborations in free improvisation. Relocating to Santa Fe in 2005 he took a 10 year break from performance followed by a renewed passion for collaboration in performance and sound.

The Wilderness Gate Sessions continues Ken Prokuski's exploration of sound and space that began during his days as San Francisco's co-founder of WHATUKE! and founder and director of The Return of Uncle Ted's Photos. Finding sounds, making sounds, and evolving sounds are his drivers.

Jim Goetsch leads a double life in both the jazz and electronic music worlds, hence the name of his current electronic project, Double Image. A recording of his most recent ensemble Baker’s Brew entitled “New Works” has been hailed by the Italian jazz magazine JAZZit as “An Album Of The Future” for its innovative merging of total improvisation with four channel electronics.

All three performers in these sessions are currently serving as curators for the Santa Fe based Sandbox Music Series of new and experimental music.

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